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Re: Setting attributes of ui elements with RGB truples

RGB(A) tuples in pythonista uses a float number between 0 and 1 instead of the range between 0 to 255.

Started by Sebastian (in Questions)

Re: Impossiball?

@techteej Could be fun :) I don't know when I'll get the time though.

Started by Sebastian (in General)

Re: Impossiball?

I remember making a version of Impossiball XD It's a long time ago, so it doesn't really matter :P

Started by Sebastian (in General)

Re: General bug report thread

@blmacbeth If it's not a built in image, I believe you have to use the image's full path.

Started by Sebastian (in General)

Re: Tic tac toe

I made a Tic-tac-toe game a while back. I uploaded it as a gist now, you can take a look ;)

Started by Sebastian (in General)