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This is the place to discuss everything related to my apps Editorial and Pythonista. For individual support questions, you can also send an email. If you have a very short question or just want to say hello — I'm @olemoritz on Twitter.

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This is the place to discuss Pythonista, a Python IDE for iOS. Share your code and get help with your programming questions.

Beta Status Update

Unfortunately, I've recently been unable to provide a new beta version of Pythonista 1.6. This is partly my own fault, and partly due to unexpected difficulties with TestFlight. First off, I've been working on two different branches of Pythonista for quit...

Started by omz (in General) — 58 replies, latest 4 hours ago


I ported youtube-dl to Pythonista - see the repo here. Please post all issues/bugs/ideas etc. there. (I plan on updating it weekly from master.)

Started by hyshai (in Share Code) — 21 replies, latest 5 hours ago

Adding multiple images

I figured out how to add an image to Pythonista using the "+" icon at the top of the edit screen, but is there any way to add a whole lot of images at once? I have over 100 that I want to use in a game, and adding them one at a time is seriously tedious.

Started by tmm (in Questions) — 11 replies, latest 7 hours ago


This forum is about Editorial, a powerful Markdown and plain text editor for iPad. You can also share your favorite workflows here.

Questions about Custom Markdown Template and Footnote Formatting

I've been tweaking the HTML preview template for Markdown to meet my needs for reading in the preview. I'd like to change the way footnotes citations are displayed in the text (not as superscript). But any changes I make to the template code doesn't seem t...

Started by tsharvey (in Questions) — 2 replies, latest 3 days ago

Display an 'Image' instance in the draw method of ui.View??

I can create multiple images via the Image module. I can combine these images via the paste method. And I can display them in the console using the show() method. But I want to put them on screen via the draw method of a class I've written... Say MyClas...

Started by Bruce42 (in General)

How to empty '.DropboxTrash' in Editorial beta

Using "Beta 112012", I'm finding that my Editorial backups have an ever-growing Documents/.DropboxTrash folder, which mostly contains previous backups - so is increasing in size rapidly. My backups have been ca 600 KB for months, but in the last week, hav...

Started by ClareMacrae (in Questions) — 4 replies, latest 4 days ago