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This is the place to discuss everything related to my apps Editorial and Pythonista. For individual support questions, you can also send an email. If you have a very short question or just want to say hello — I'm @olemoritz on Twitter.

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This is the place to discuss Pythonista, a Python IDE for iOS. Share your code and get help with your programming questions.

Attaching a class to a ui element such as uiButton (I am desperate)

I know this maybe a mute point for many, But I really would love a way to attach a class (a normal class, inheriting from object) to a ui object. In a generic way. Yes, I could write a custom class to encapsulate the ui element inside a custom class. Howev...

Started by Phuket2 (in Questions) — 2 replies, latest 25 minutes ago

Google Earth KML: best module? (simplekml installation issues)

I'm trying to edit and create Google Earth KML (keyhole markup language, based on XML); on Windows with iPython I usually use simplekml, however I'm having a tough time trying to install this, as the tar.gz doesn't want to open when using downloadista.pypi...

Started by simcity4242 (in General) — 1 reply 3 hours ago yet another approach to .pyui files

Recent experiments with Pythonista ui building has proven to me the value of designing user interfaces with the pyui Editor. Creating UI elements in Python code that supports multiple screen sizes is far more verbose and error prone than I originally thou...

Started by ccc (in General) — 4 replies, latest 23 hours ago


This forum is about Editorial, a powerful Markdown and plain text editor for iPad. You can also share your favorite workflows here.

Import Pythonista files in Editorial workflow

Is there a way to import a Pythonista file into Editorial? A simple py file is easy but I want to import a py file with a pyui. Is there a way?

Started by charmaex (in General) — 6 replies, latest 1 day ago

Starting a template via url scheme

Is it possible to start a specific template via a url scheme? I don't want to give a document name, just the template. I intend to use automation to get user input and decide what to do, so I will not necessarily create a document.

Started by omri (in General)

Document template: get current folder in file browser?

When creating a document template is it possible to determine which folder is currently selected in the file browser? It's seems like the the create file action has that information according to the docs: The file will always be created in the folder tha...

Started by sammy (in Workflows) — 5 replies, latest 4 days ago