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This is the place to discuss everything related to my apps Editorial and Pythonista. For individual support questions, you can also send an email. If you have a very short question or just want to say hello — I'm @olemoritz on Twitter.

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This is the place to discuss Pythonista, a Python IDE for iOS. Share your code and get help with your programming questions.

Pythonista like HTML

Is it possible to bios I website with pythonista? Like HTML?

Started by reefboy1 (in General) — 12 replies, latest 2 hours ago

Installing new modules with distutils fails

Hello everyone I'm working on another pip module for Pythonista. It's all done. Searching, downloanding, unziping. But the last step fails. I can't get to work setup() function. ImportError: No module named _osx_support Google tells nothing wise. Any i...

Started by Proxy (in Questions) — 17 replies, latest 6 hours ago

Function call on startup

How come the first function info() runs on startup? import ui def info(): vInfo = ui.View() = 'Info' vInfo.background_color = 'white' vInfo.present() def dBW_to_W...

Started by donnieh (in General) — 6 replies, latest 13 hours ago


This forum is about Editorial, a powerful Markdown and plain text editor for iPad. You can also share your favorite workflows here.

Editorial losing context

This seems to be more of a problem on iOS 8, maybe there's more aggressive memory clearing, and it's driving me a bit batty... When I switch away from Editorial, in the middle of a large file, to go grab some text from another app (often Safari, but not a...

Started by CarlRJ (in General) — 1 reply 3 days ago


Hello, I am stuck getting anywhere with Editorial, because I cannot get DropboxAuth to run fully. It always fails when trying to get the access token. I see the "Dropbox Authorization" dialog box, and when I hit Proceed, it tosses me to the browser for ...

Started by Malanowski (in General) — 6 replies, latest 4 days ago

Conversion To OpenOffice ODP, ODT Files?

Has anyone taken the HTML Editorial produces and further processed it into anything. I'm thinking of trying it out and turning the HTML into OpenOffice ODP (Presentation) format. I just wondered if anyone else had postprocessed the HTML into ANYTHING at ...

Started by MartinPacker (in General) — 1 reply 6 days ago