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Re: GLKView and OpenGLES

have you set the argtypes for c.glGenrenderbuffers?

Started by JonB (in Questions)

Re: [Announcement] The Forum is Moving!


Started by JonB (in General)

Re: GLKView and OpenGLES

i have noticed that self.context is empty. On my ipad3, initWithAPI_(2) returns an object, but 3 does not. also, see here Dont you need to set up a framebuffer, and also call present...

Started by JonB

Re: Simple count down timer using .flush()

you have two basic options. your timer should run in a threading.Thread, while you have a loop asking for raw_input. heres a simple proof of concept you could also use the scene or ui modules. for ui, y...

Started by JonB

Re: [SOLVED!] Help with touch (game)

this is probably better handled in a github repo. it is not particularly convenient to edit code in forum posts.

Started by JonB (in Share Code)