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Re: GLKView and OpenGLES

This is the full glGenRenderbuffer code def glGenRenderbuffer(amount): target = GLuint(0) func = c.glGenRenderbuffer func.argtypes = [GLsizei, ctypes.POINTER(GLuint)] func.restype = None func(amount, ctypes.byref(target)) return ta...

Started by Cethric

Re: GLKView and OpenGLES

With ctypes how do you get a pointer value? ie python def glGenRenderbuffers(amount): target = ctypes.c_int() print c.glGenRenderbuffers(amount, ctypes.pointer(target)) return target How do i get the value of target from the function. It on...

Started by Cethric

Re: GLKView and OpenGLES

OpenGLES3 is supported on iOS8 and greater, so there is a context for me i think it has something to do with needing to call self.gl_kit_view.setContext_ instead of just changing the self.gl_kit_view.context variable. Will look into it thanks.

Started by Cethric (in Questions)

GLKView and OpenGLES

I have attempted to load the GLKit GLKView class as a subview and then change the background colour however it does not seem to work. What am i doing wrong? from objc_util import * import ctypes class EAGLRenderingAPI(object): EAGLRenderingAPIOpenGLE...

Started by Cethric (in Questions) — 5 replies, latest 08 Aug 2015

Re: Proof of concept HTML Editor

Ok I will look into creating a custom delegate then. The collection of themes is loaded into a variable (themes_data) so i only need to load the css files once, so even if it was slow initially repeated calls after the initial set up only make calls to th...

Started by Cethric (in Share Code)