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Chaining scene.Scenes

I have written many times in this Forum that you can not call multiple times but now I have proof that this is NOT true. Multiple scene.Scenes can be chained one after another as shown in the code below which runs 6 scene.Scenes one after the...

Started by ccc (in Share Code) — 1 reply 4 hours ago

Regarding NLTK on Pythonista

Hi, I'm new to both Pythonista and to this forum. I'm slightly new to Python, spending the last 15 years or so in the Enterprise Java world. I am very interested in AI in general and computational linguistics/natural language analysis at the hobby or after...

Started by ltddev (in General) — 3 replies, latest 16 hours ago


Has anyone looked at whether it would be possible to run NTLK under Pythonista?

Started by ihf (in General) — 3 replies, latest 20 hours ago

execute .py within

Is there anyway to launch another .py file while inside of or how would I go about adding that to the current code. I would like to just be able to call a script from with by just a name, like running ls but instead call my script.

Started by radlsneak (in General) — 1 reply 1 day ago

Help building a touch menu

I wanted to build a menu to execute a script, but I keep getting this error. Problem being, I don't have a line 570 in the program I am trying to launch. The code for the file I am trying to launch can be found here. I didn't modify Pythonista either. fr...

Started by tjferry14 (in Questions) — 21 replies, latest 1 day ago

What is the proper way to reset a scene?

So I am working upon this game and I am currently handling the end of the game. The problem is that after resetting the scene, a new game indeed starts but I can still see the previous game animation playing in the background. Even if I try to kill any a...

Started by mirko (in General) — 2 replies, latest 1 day ago

Sharing Files

On my PC, I'm running Windows 7. How do I share files on this with Pythonista on my iPad? I've got and use iTunes on my PC, but Pythonista isn't one of the apps that's listed there as being able to share files between PC and Tablet.

Started by alanmdunsmuir (in General) — 3 replies, latest 1 day ago

Is there a way to stop music playing when I exit?

I have Scene based program with some background music. When I abort the program with the X in the top righthand corner, the music continues to play. Is there a way to avoid this?

Started by upwart (in General) — 3 replies, latest 2 days ago

How to present a user dialog from a Scene?

Hi. I'm new to python and pythonista. I want to present a user dialog asking for a text entry from my class subclassed from Scene. How? Looked at Hydrogen, but it only seemed to do output widgets. Thanks

Started by SteveK (in Questions) — 5 replies, latest 2 days ago

Scene problem when called with LANDSCAPE

I have a program that calls Scene with the LANDSCAPE parameter. Strangely self.bounds returns (on my iPad) 0,0,1024,748 and not 0,0,1024,768 ! If I call Scene without an orientation parameter, the height is correctly 768. Even when self.bounds[3] is 748,...

Started by upwart (in Questions) — 4 replies, latest 3 days ago

Send personal feeds to Day One

This is my first Pythonista script but it is quite possible that I will do some more Day One automation in the future. Of course, there are slogger and sifttter, which are great but it's much more convenient for me to do these logging tasks from my iPhone....

Started by luk (in Share Code) — 27 replies, latest 3 days ago

Pass command line params?

Is there a way to pass parameters to a script? In other words, if I have a script that connects to a site entered by the user is there a way for me to enter the target site in Pythonista?

Started by kojack (in General) — 3 replies, latest 4 days ago

nltk library

I'd to put in a request to add the powerful and popular nltk library to pythonista. thanks!

Started by davidw (in General) — 4 replies, latest 4 days ago

Location timestamp always the same

Hi I'm just wondering about something. I am trying to use the location module, but something I found out very early on is that it appears the timestamp that location.get_location() gets, always is the same, unless I restart the script. Am I doing somethin...

Started by Tuxinet (in Questions) — 3 replies, latest 4 days ago


Any chance of getting Pandas to work under Pythonista? I know that it requires which I believe OMZ has said we might see at some point but I don't know if there are other dependencies which Pythonista is lacking.

Started by ihf (in Questions) — 6 replies, latest 5 days ago

I've got a very strange TypeError when invoking update (self.dt)

Hello there The following as been verbatim copied from the example: self.root_layer.update(self.dt) self.root_layer.draw() Since a moment, I get a lot of TypeError which point to the 1st line. Sounds like update is sometime seen as a Boolean w...

Started by mirko (in General) — 2 replies, latest 5 days ago

Flappy Bird on Pythonista This started out as a Flappy Bird clone (can be done in under 100 lines of Pythonista), but I let my son do a bit of a redesign. He decided an underwater setting involving an Octopus was much more enjoyable. Th...

Started by bashedcrab (in Share Code) — 18 replies, latest 5 days ago

Problem with installing new module: pytz

Because I need a way to convert time from CET (or CEST) to PST I want to use the pytz module. I'm a python beginner and after searching and trying a little bit with pipista and shellista I already downloaded and extracted the pytz module in pythonista. Bu...

Started by nealtz (in Questions) — 3 replies, latest 6 days ago

Notification Center Shortcuts

Pythonista Subreddit Access websites, your programs, and some other apps with your notification center. This program creates links/shortcuts on your notification center for easy access to websites and programs. You can access these links from anywhere, a...

Started by Shambhala (in General) — 1 reply 6 days ago

TextExpander support

I love Pythonista! I would love it even more if it offered support for TextExpander Touch, mainly so I can quickly setup skeleton files with default comments, creation date etc. This would also be useful for quickly setting up a class definition.

Started by stompertje (in General)