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x button of scene object.

I would like to delete a button of scene object. How do I make a source code to delete it? There is no information about it.

Started by hxdaze (in Questions) — 5 replies, latest 10 hours ago

Pythonista 1.6 beta expired 20 minutes ago

Crashes on boot.

Started by ccc (in General) — 4 replies, latest 11 hours ago

Request: Bluetooth LE support

There's already a programming app out with support for Bluetooth LE (techBASIC), and this seems like it could be a good feature for Pythonista. Here's a site that describes communicating with a Bluetooth sensor on the iPad:

Started by roger (in General) — 27 replies, latest 16 hours ago

Text field keyboard

I have tried the code below to change the keyboard type, but no luck. What is the right way to do this? import ui v = ui.View() tf = ui.TextField() tf.keyboard_type = DECIMAL=True v.add_subview(tf) v.present()

Started by donnieh (in General) — 12 replies, latest 1 day ago

Getting root View of currently presented views

Has anyone figured out a robust way to get the root View of whatever is currently being presented? I'm working on a little tool which resizes the current view to show what it looks like on various devices (using a scrollview for displaying a larger scre...

Started by JonB (in Questions)

pushing to github

So I'm back here again. Chordcalc is done, done done, and when I use stash, shellista or gitui to push it up to github using the command git push -u polymerchm:xxxxxxxxxx I get URLError(error(32, 'Broken ...

Started by polymerchm (in General) — 1 reply 1 day ago

chordcalc - a stringed instrument chord calculator

chordcalc is a gui-based version of Gek S. Low's chordcalc 0.3. Too many features to describe. See the readme on the github repository. Includes, a program to create 96 2-sec sound files that allow the script to play the sounds of the frett...

Started by polymerchm (in Share Code) — 39 replies, latest 1 day ago

iCloud Sync support

A really nice feature for pythonista would allow syncing projects through iCloud so I could seamlessly work on projects across devices. Often I find myself sending the text of a project to myself. Perhaps there could be a special iCloud folder that syncs a...

Started by Stewartbracken (in General) — 6 replies, latest 1 day ago

Editor font size change?

I have a iPhone 6+ and the font even at its smallest is overly large for my screen, I could see and edit much smaller fonts easily considering how big my phone is. Unfortunately the setting wont allow me to lower the font size, yet I remember reading somew...

Started by Dormane (in General) — 3 replies, latest 3 days ago

Pythonista indent vs Tab

If I am editing a Pythonista file (.py) in Xcode, what key on my Mac is used to properly indent? When I use Tab on the Mac keyboard I get an error at run time. When I copy and paste the Pythonista indent it runs. I thought the indent was tab?

Started by donnieh (in General) — 6 replies, latest 3 days ago

Any iOS device

Would some Pythonista scholar provide a simple example of any type of "view" coded such it will stretch nicely to any iOS screen? iPad, iPhone 4, 5, 6+...... Also, in landscape modes.... I just want to understand the concept.....

Started by donnieh (in General) — 6 replies, latest 4 days ago

Label corner radius not doing anything

I change a button's corner radius just fine. Why won't a label's corner radius change? Do I have to do something special with the border or frame first? lbl = ui.Label() lbl.frame = (20,20,100,100) lbl.corner_radius = (5)

Started by donnieh (in General) — 5 replies, latest 4 days ago

Making hotkeys

How did programs like stash make their hot keys?

Started by reefboy1 (in General) — 4 replies, latest 4 days ago

Pythonista like HTML

Is it possible to bios I website with pythonista? Like HTML?

Started by reefboy1 (in General) — 15 replies, latest 4 days ago

Static site generator fully within the device: feasible?

I'm down to an iPad now that the students in my family have commandeered all the desktop machines. Problem is, I'd like to continue updating my static blog. It consists of several hundred Textile & Markdown files, plus images, and it is processed via ...

Started by dubh (in General)

nltk on the web

I have a code that I developed in nltk, but I don't know how to highlight text on nltk. It works well on the terminal, but it doesn't tell the user before it changes the words. I have also not found any article that talks about implementing nltk on the web...

Started by Besitypanacea (in General)

Tablet apps

Hi, Just signd up and want to download an app for pythonista on a tablet.Can any one help?

Started by jock50 (in General) — 2 replies, latest 5 days ago

Installing new modules with distutils fails

Hello everyone I'm working on another pip module for Pythonista. It's all done. Searching, downloanding, unziping. But the last step fails. I can't get to work setup() function. ImportError: No module named _osx_support Google tells nothing wise. Any i...

Started by Proxy (in Questions) — 17 replies, latest 5 days ago

Function call on startup

How come the first function info() runs on startup? import ui def info(): vInfo = ui.View() = 'Info' vInfo.background_color = 'white' vInfo.present() def dBW_to_W...

Started by donnieh (in General) — 6 replies, latest 6 days ago

Javascript emmbeded in HTML python server

Ok, this is a fairly dumb question, and I am new to webpage development, but it is easy enough to use HTML with Bottle, such as in... from bottle import route, run @route('/hello') def hello(): return """<P>Hello World!</P>""" #Not an entire H...

Started by Dormane (in General) — 2 replies, latest 6 days ago