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[Beta] Fun with MapKit and objc_util

I've been experimenting a lot with the new objc_util module lately, and I thought I'd share a few more advanced examples. So here's the first... Please note that this relies on a couple of changes I made in the very latest build (uploaded about an hour ag...

Started by omz (in General) — 8 replies, latest 2 hours ago

Pythonista 1.6 Beta #160020

Build #160020 is now available via TestFlight. Please use this thread for feedback. I've just added a couple of new people to the TestFlight list – if you didn't get an invite, but would like to participate, please fill out this form: → Beta Signup.

Started by omz (in General) — 48 replies, latest 5 hours ago

[Beta] Unlimited backgrounding

I'm trying to follow this tutorial to enable unlimited backgrounding on an app, using the new objc_util. Do you think it will work? Is the tutorial still relevant with the latest iOS versions? The code looks pretty simple: @property (nonatomic, strong) ...

Started by jan4843 (in General) — 2 replies, latest 7 hours ago

Bugs with latest beta

I don't know if this is intentional, but editor can't be imported by appex scripts.. Only a few photos (the ones from after updating to this beta) show in photos.pick_image I know this one wasn't in the last beta. I have 1.6 GB of photos: And only 3 sh...

Started by Webmaster4o (in General) — 3 replies, latest 11 hours ago

Looking for People Willing to Write Tutorials

Hey everyone, I know I've been really silent lately, but thats my fault. Had a lot on my plate to deal with. BUT I promise I will be contributing once again and will be better than ever! ;) That being said, I really want to get things going with the new ...

Started by techteej (in General) — 17 replies, latest 14 hours ago

Script disappeared

I wonder whether anyone has experienced the same -very annoying- behaviour: All of a sudden the complete contents of one of my scripts has disappeared. What's left is an empty script. This happened to me already three times! I can't reproduce it. Maybe a ...

Started by upwart (in General) — 13 replies, latest 14 hours ago

Questions about editor

I wanna try editor.replace_text, it works well in example, but if i add editor.make_new_file, it wont work after editor.make_new_file, is there any way to make it? Is there any way to make other language syntax highlight in editor and no need to run?

Started by Obelisk (in Questions) — 15 replies, latest 15 hours ago

[Beta] Tinkering with Pythonista's internals using objc_util

Another objc_util example (yes, I'm really excited about this module)... This one's really just for fun because I wanted to see if I could make it work at all. As the previous MapView example, this is also a custom view class, but of a completely differen...

Started by omz (in General) — 9 replies, latest 1 day ago

post to pythonista forum from pythonista app

It works! Here's a user interface that you can set up to run from the action extension (sized for iPad). It automatically copies the code from the current file into the post draft. Once you are ready to post you can go through a markdown preview and then ...

Started by cook (in Share Code) — 6 replies, latest 1 day ago

Some questions about Pythonista

Is theoretically possible to present a ui in the extension without breaking apple rules? Can you please reinsert the icloud drive implementation? Is it possible to change theme with objc_util? In editorial there is editor.get_theme(). Why not adding it in...

Started by filippocld (in Questions) — 2 replies, latest 1 day ago

Get HTML from UI.webview

Is it possible to get the HTML from a loaded url in UI.Webview?

Started by cook (in Questions) — 2 replies, latest 1 day ago

Spam on the forums

Too much spam! We really need some way to regulate spam. I don't think anyone cares if it's back-end code that analyzes posts or a team of forum moderators from the community or what. Does anyone have any ideas?

Started by Gerzer (in General) — 7 replies, latest 1 day ago

Download script into Pythonista

Hi to everyone. I would like to know if there is some way to download scripts from my Desktop PC into my iphone. Thanks for your help. Alejandro.

Started by amazzuca (in Questions) — 16 replies, latest 2 days ago

Binary files read and write

What would be de Phytonista script code to read a binary file stored in the App sandbox into a 2D float point array for further processing. I've tried so far many sample codes from other Python forums unsuccessfully.

Started by ManuelU (in Questions) — 56 replies, latest 2 days ago

Menu Starter

Hello. I go by the TutorialDoctor. Long time user of Editorial trying to get more into Python. I like to learn stuff, and also to teach stuff. I will be making several sample scripts for beginners using Pythonista. This is one of the first. This code is a...

Started by TutorialDoctor (in Share Code)

Changing the screen size(resolutions) of my ipad

Maybe this is a stupid question. But is there anyway to change the size of my iPad's screen to say to the size of a iphone5s or iphone 6? Of course, just want this ability so I can test my app for different size/dpi iOS devices. For me it does not matter i...

Started by Phuket2 (in Questions) — 3 replies, latest 3 days ago

Putting a matplotlib.plot() image into a ui.ImageView?

matplotlib.plot() puts an image onto the Pythonista console. I can tap and hold on that image to copy it to the clipboard, etc. Is there a programmatic way (image_context, etc.) to move a plot() image into a ui.ImageView?

Started by ccc (in Questions) — 11 replies, latest 3 days ago

fun with new objective c

Thought I'd share some of my objc experiments. if you have been playing with this new module, do share your endeavors! has my playground. first, i have a hacked version of objc_utils, which fixes the msgSend wh...

Started by JonB (in Share Code) — 3 replies, latest 3 days ago

Limitations due to iOS

I am at home in the Linux world. Playing around with Pythonista gives the Impression that I have to live with a number of limitations due to iOS, see example belog. My question: where can i find a list of Pythonista/iOS limitations? Edit: Adding list of k...

Started by georg.viehoever (in Questions) — 4 replies, latest 3 days ago

Pyro4 fun: Controlling your PC from Pythonista

Hi, one of my goals with Pythonista is to write programs on iPad that run more complex computations on a PC or Mac host. One of the ways to do this is via Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs). There are some fairly powerful packages available for Python, such as...

Started by georg.viehoever (in Share Code)