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Help needed: installing modules with pipista & shellista

Dear all, what I want: install decorator what I did so far: 1) created a file "shellista" in pythonista from 2) ran shellista, downloaded the package "decorator-3.4.0.tar.gz" and unpacked it by using untgz I no...

Started by BlackTea123 (in General)

New Xcode Template (beta)

I've made a new Xcode template for turning Pythonista scripts into apps. It's based on the current beta of v. 1.6, so it's work-in-progress... Some notes: 64-bit devices (iPhone 5s/6, iPad Air...) are supported now, but the 64-bit simulator isn't, so if...

Started by omz (in General) — 14 replies, latest 44 minutes ago

Floats with colors

Ok so I was trying to change the color with console.set_color() And it ask for a float. Here it comes; What is a float and can you please give an example of how to change the color Thanks!

Started by reefboy1 (in General) — 1 reply 1 hour ago

[HELP] TypeError: Expected callable/function

I was trying to implement a live updating timer. Well, a love updating label that will ultimately be proportionate to the time passed. I was able to implement it successfully in a test script, but when I popped the previously working function into the actu...

Started by Tizzy (in Questions) — 4 replies, latest 1 hour ago


This one is dedicated to ccc (I watched the EuroPython!) for all his Help due to me being new and somewhat unsmart mistakes This is my app that makes a chart #PieMaker #This simple thingymajigger (<- be careful that word is in no way proffesional) will...

Started by reefboy1 (in General)


This page has been deleted

Started by reefboy1 (in General)

Trouble pushing a branch up to github

I have developed a new version of chordcalc with capo functionality. I hav used gitui and shellista to maintian a local ghit reposity for the development. The new verison is in a separate branch. </Documents/chordcalc/chordCalc >git branch * dev...

Started by polymerchm (in Questions) — 9 replies, latest 5 hours ago

chordcalc - a stringed instrument chord calculator

chordcalc is a gui-based version of Gek S. Low's chordcalc 0.3. Too many features to describe. See the readme on the github repository. Includes, a program to create 96 2-sec sound files that allow the script to play the sounds of the frett...

Started by polymerchm (in Share Code) — 32 replies, latest 6 hours ago

Instructions for Pythonista beginners

Seeing a few new people join the forum and ask questions lately, I was thinking that it might be good to have someone write a quick intro to the forum, what some of the must-have tools, how to go about getting those setup on Pythonista, and how to increase...

Started by dvader9 (in General) — 4 replies, latest 7 hours ago

Nose on Pythonista

Is anyone using nose on Pythonista? If so can you post a quick explaination of how best to install it and "run" it or use it effectively?

Started by wradcliffe (in General)


I've been developing some CGI based scripts in Pythonista and had intended to use the CGIHTTPServer module to test them, but when I tried to import the module I got an error saying the module did not exist. I assume this is due to Apple's restrictions on e...

Started by Omega0 (in General) — 3 replies, latest 10 hours ago

My RPG/Help/suggestions

Ok so this is my first time actually trying to TRY to do something in Python and I am going to need some suggestions . Also feel free to add code and post. My code: #coding: utf-8 import sound import speech print(' รถ ') print('-|-') print('| |') op = r...

Started by reefboy1 (in General) — 10 replies, latest 15 hours ago

Pythonista 1.6 Beta

So, with Apple's new TestFlight, I can finally have a lot more beta testers, and won't have to worry about device limits so much. If you'd like to play with the next version of Pythonista before it hits the App Store, please send me an email with your App...

Started by omz (in General) — 186 replies, latest 17 hours ago

Mega noob here!!!!

Hey everyone! I don't know what the hell I am doing but allI know is that I am more than a little fascinated with all this iPhone automation stuff. I have Workflow, Drafts, LCP, etc...and I want to get more involved in automating and even creating with my...

Started by sealinski (in General) — 6 replies, latest 1 day ago

RPG update

this is an update to my game. I would have posted my update in the comments of this post but it glitches so I made this one: #coding: utf-8 import sound import speech import console rate=.1 lang='en-US' console.setfont('Futura-CondensedExtraBold') print('...

Started by reefboy1 (in General) — 1 reply 1 day ago

Camera to DropBox

Is there a way to take a picture from my picture script: import photos x=photos.capture_image() photos.save_image(x) And save that photo directly to Dropbox?

Started by reefboy1 (in General) — 12 replies, latest 1 day ago

Bonus Sample Code: Drum Machine

This one uses the scene and sound modules to create a very simple drum sequencer, using the built-in sound effects. Currently, it only works on the iPad (though it would be relatively easy to adjust the size to the iPhone screen). It overrides the scene's...

Started by omz (in Share Code) — 2 replies, latest 1 day ago

very basic ui designer question

I'm playing with using the ui designer for the first time, and am confused. I'm trying to create a view with a few labels and textfields, and would like to read the values of a couple of textfields, do something with them, and display the result in anothe...

Started by michael_recchione (in General) — 4 replies, latest 1 day ago

Computer Vision support ...

Is there any interest in having Pythonista be able to do CV apps? I ran across this very recent project that seems to be looking for a new home. It is a port of OpenCV for ios. No python bindings or anything but at ...

Started by wradcliffe (in General) — 10 replies, latest 1 day ago

Save Script via Open In directly to Pythonista

This is a python script that work in conjunction with a workflow (you need Workflow for ios) to enable open scripts .py (Only .py for now) and save it directly on Pythonista. It's useful when someone send you a .py via email or if you have scripts saved in...

Started by mncfre (in Share Code) — 8 replies, latest 1 day ago