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Disappearing scripts

One two different occasions, now, I’ve had scripts disappear on me, basically like what has happened to others in this thread: One was a script that I wrote, then more recently was the “Car...

Started by sap_tappity (in General) — 6 replies, latest 43 minutes ago

Mysterious crash in xcode for ui based app

I built and debugged my single file ui based app in Pythonista. It works as expected. Then I downloaded the xcode template and pasted my code into I then ran it and eventually it built and loaded. I started walking through the various features a...

Started by zencuke (in General)

Is it possible to add multiple subviews to a NavigationView in the UI designer?

I see how to add a subview to a nav view item in the designer, but I don't find any option to create another subview. My application will need three or four different subviews that may be pushed when the user is interacting with the app. Is it just not p...

Started by misterdoc (in General) — 1 reply 11 hours ago

Request: Bluetooth LE support

There's already a programming app out with support for Bluetooth LE (techBASIC), and this seems like it could be a good feature for Pythonista. Here's a site that describes communicating with a Bluetooth sensor on the iPad:

Started by roger (in General) — 23 replies, latest 16 hours ago

iOS 8 and HTTPServer

I'm seeing an issue with HTTPServer under iOS 8 on my iPhone 5S. I have a script using an HTTPServer subclass that serves a page in Safari. Until I upgraded to 8, it worked fine all the time. Under 8, however, it only works when I am on a wifi connection, ...

Started by roosterboy (in General) — 1 reply 23 hours ago

custom picker?

is there a way to provide a list of text items for DatePicker to offer instead of dates? is there another type of picker that could be used instead?

Started by bill.k (in General) — 2 replies, latest 1 day ago


I've been playing with the sample scene file and the touches. I wanted to give each touch a random custom color. I notice that each touch gets a TouchID and was hoping to add the color to that, but I can't seem to do it. Do I need to make my own dictionar...

Started by Rothrock42 (in General) — 1 reply 1 day ago

General bug report thread

Changing the name of any folder will always move it into the root Script Library folder, even if it was previously located elsewhere. Fortunately this does not cause data loss, all files will still be in the folder after this happens, so you can move the f...

Started by dgelessus (in General) — 33 replies, latest 1 day ago

Build Standalone app with matplotlib

The script file for building standalone apps using pythonista code does not support matplotlib. I have a pythonista code that creates Thiessen polygons using scatter points and uses matplotlib to plot the polygons. I would like to build a standalone app....

Started by cholbert (in Questions)

BeautifulSoup Bug

I have a script that is running perfectly on my Mac, but giving me an error in Pythonista. BeautifulSoup is throwing an AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'next_element' on finding all data points in an HTML table: soup.find('table').find_...

Started by n8henrie (in Questions) — 9 replies, latest 2 days ago

Changing text color in Table View Cell

Is there any way to change the text color in Table View Cell?

Started by techteej (in Questions) — 3 replies, latest 3 days ago

How can I convert a PIL Image to a ui.Image?

How can I convert a PIL Image to a ui.Image?

Started by Sebastian (in Questions) — 14 replies, latest 4 days ago

various Image objects

Hello all! When i look into the doc about ui.ImageView it says: ImageView.image The view’s image (a Image object), or None. when i tap the 'Image' link, it leads me to pil Image object. But it seems that this is wrong: Image here is not a pil Image...

Started by jmv38 (in General)


Here is our work for capturing media (@techteej and @tony) from 2 other threads and @techteej's Speech project, tidied up, wrapped in a class, closing the server and presented in a popover sized to fit the iOS pop up. The code uses a chunk from @omz's F...

Started by tony (in Share Code) — 20 replies, latest 4 days ago

Accessing video clips

I am new to Pythonista. Is there any way to access video clips (.mov files) recorded on iphone from pythonista? The photos.getcount() function returns the count including the video clips but photos.getimage() function fails for video clips. Is there any ot...

Started by sm (in Questions) — 3 replies, latest 4 days ago

Pythonista for Python 3.x.

Are there any plans to release a Python 3.x variant of Pythonista?

Started by D4t4Wr4ngl3r (in General) — 70 replies, latest 4 days ago

Extracting the Date from the UI date and time spinner

I am new to Python but have progressed as far as getting a complex algorithm coded, but I am now struggling with the UI interface. I have a button which when pressed should read the date from the date spinner. The code for the button is... def GetDate(send...

Started by KevinKarney (in Questions) — 6 replies, latest 5 days ago

Error in building Pythonista project in XCode 6

When I tried to build the example PythonistaProject in XCode 6, I get the following error: Undefined symbols for architecture i386: "_fwrite$UNIX2003", referenced from: _empty_output_buffer in libpythonista.a(libturbojpeg_la-jdatadst.o) _term_destin...

Started by joemarct (in Questions) — 9 replies, latest 6 days ago

Hi, New to python,pythonista and dropbox

Hi, I used the guide to connect dropbox and pythonista and I believe it was 100% successful, but I found it hard to translate a normal guide to import files like: to an ipad app like Pythonista. I tried th...

Started by boodo330 (in General) — 4 replies, latest 6 days ago

Is it possible to dismiss the textfield keyboard?

I set up a text field with the gui design tool and then add keyboardtype = KEYBOARDNUMBER_PAD after it is loaded. When the user selects the field the keyboard pops up right on schedule. How do I make it go away? I've found callbacks in the doc that get cal...

Started by zencuke (in General) — 6 replies, latest 7 days ago