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filenav - a simple file navigator

(no, I couldn't think of a more original name.) What is there to say? It's a file navigator with UI and a few neat features: Access to the entire app folder, not just the Script Libr...

Started by dgelessus (in Share Code) — 5 replies, latest 8 hours ago

pythonista for windows?

Pythonista is awesome. It blows away any other ide for ANY language I've used... But when I'm only carrying around a laptop I'm stuck with notepad++ and hate going to the command prompt to test scripts, is there anything like Pythonista for windows?... Or ...

Started by bent55 (in General) — 4 replies, latest 8 hours ago

Bokeh Plotting

Does anyone know if the bokeh plotting library can be imported through pipista for web development? There's a JS library involved for front end purposes, but that should all be handled by the browser. I can't find anything about the architecture of the pyt...

Started by smath (in Questions) — 7 replies, latest 11 hours ago


I am struggling with downloading scripts from github that are not gists. How does one do that without going through things like goodreader and then cutting/pasting, but brings them directly into pythonista. The "New from Gist" tool only works for GISTs ...

Started by polymerchm (in General) — 2 replies, latest 22 hours ago


Here is a little 2048 clone. It is focused more on being a simple example than being graphically advanced. Swipes would be nice, as would sliding tiles, but the later would complicate the class code, and the former I'm not sure how to do cleanly, except ma...

Started by henryiii (in General) — 14 replies, latest 1 day ago

"Unsupported File Type"

This is probably a feature request (although I'd be interested if anyone has a work-around via script.) Also, I'm new to iOS so please forgive me if I don't get the terminology correct. When I tap a file that Pythonista isn't familiar with I receive a mes...

Started by iisdev (in Questions) — 4 replies, latest 1 day ago

Generating tones and pitches ie square sine in x hz / gps lat long

How do generate sounds in order to write an audio modem for ax.25.? I obviously need to generate tones. I really think this app is limited and frankly a poor mans xcode off the back of ios not available. The gps function barely works if at all!

Started by Merl (in Questions) — 15 replies, latest 1 day ago

Battery usage & some questions

Hello there, I am new to the pythonista world and just starting out learning to do this so please bear with me ;) I started out with a simple small project, that should be doable for the programing knowledge that I have. It is a simple clone of this sco...

Started by iamjaden (in General)

Feature Request: Aircode

Hello, I really love Pythonista, but I am really missing the Aircode feature like Codea's one. Can you please consider to add it in the near future? Thanks!

Started by mcarrara3 (in General) — 2 replies, latest 2 days ago

Is anyone attending this week's EuroPython in Berlin?

I was able to get the following Pythonista-related talk approved for EuroPython. It would be wonderful to get some other Pythonista users in the room during that pitch to show our strong support for Ole's great products. Hope to see you there... https:/...

Started by ccc (in General) — 7 replies, latest 2 days ago

Plot in Custom View

Hello, I need to display a plot in a custom view, and I am having hard time trying to figure out how to do it. I found this that pretty much does all the job already, but I have no clue on how to put t...

Started by mcarrara3 (in Share Code) — 9 replies, latest 2 days ago

Create and Rotate Label

Hello, how can I create and rotate a label of pi/2? I've already tried the GState() example, but when you input pi/2 the text disappears...

Started by mcarrara3 (in Questions) — 2 replies, latest 2 days ago

console.input_alert -- show only number pad instead of full keyboard?

I am wanting to use console.input_alert to take user input, but would like it to show the numpad instead of a full keyboard. Is this possible?

Started by claggs (in General) — 3 replies, latest 3 days ago

Import Classes from Another File

Hello, this is probably a dumb question but I am having hard time in loading classes defined in another file (that has the same directory), into the current file. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!

Started by mcarrara3 (in Questions) — 8 replies, latest 3 days ago

UI Sheet View, Can you hide the x?

Is there any way to hide the name bar with the x on the sheet view? Thanks.

Started by techteej (in Questions) — 3 replies, latest 3 days ago

Implementing UI in High Scores Module

Hey all. I'm working on implementing the UI module into my high scores module and I'm having some trouble with button images. The image draws underneath the button, and when I gave it the button.image attribute, the image didn't display at all.

Started by techteej (in Questions) — 2 replies, latest 3 days ago

Wait_modal speed

Using wait_modal seems to really slow down the ui thread. Here's my modal dialog, a simple file picker. When the commented line near the end is uncommented, it becomes modal and works, but it becomes slow and stutters when scrolling. Any ideas as to why it...

Started by henryiii (in General) — 1 reply 4 days ago

Import file

Is it possible on ios7 to import a script file ? Alternstively, does pythonasia run on kindle Thx

Started by spauker (in General) — 12 replies, latest 4 days ago

Mathplotlib grid

Hi, I tried a simple plot via plt.plot and have trouble with plt.grid(True). Result is 'TypeError: bool object is not callable'. Same code works fine on MacOs. Any hints? Regards Tom

Started by tomkirn (in General) — 3 replies, latest 5 days ago

Slide up view when keyboard is present

Hello, how can I make the view to 'slide up' when the keyboard appears? I need to insert data into a textfield and this gets covered by the keyboard, making it very difficult to edit. Thanks in advance!

Started by mcarrara3 (in Questions) — 6 replies, latest 7 days ago