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Here is the home of my ForumCodeBlockAdmin class. It's designed to live in site-packages and it will automatically update the code block of the relevant Forum post with updated source code: it brings up the Forum sign in page, and once signed in the pos...

Started by tony (in Share Code) — 1 reply 1 day ago

sound.play_effect on iphone6 versus ipad

Never mind. Need to enable ringer (physical switch). Da-oh!!

Started by polymerchm (in General)

Proof of concept HTML Editor

This is purely just a proof of concept HTML editor, which I have decided to publically release. I appologise now to all those people who cringe at my code, but as i said it is a proof of concept and when I have a better idea of how to use the Pythonista fu...

Started by Cethric (in Share Code) — 12 replies, latest 1 day ago

Layer ordering?

How can I control the visual (z) ordering or depth of layers to move one to the front when touched? It must be obvious, but I couldn't seem to find it in the documentation. Many thanks!

Started by moddhayward (in General) — 6 replies, latest 2 days ago

Import pika

How can I import pika so I can send messages to a amqp message broker?

Started by (in General) — 2 replies, latest 2 days ago

Pythonista 1.6 Beta

So, with Apple's new TestFlight, I can finally have a lot more beta testers, and won't have to worry about device limits so much. If you'd like to play with the next version of Pythonista before it hits the App Store, please send me an email with your App...

Started by omz (in General) — 188 replies, latest 2 days ago

Updated gistcheck for ios8

Ios8 seems to handle spaces, even encoded spaces, in bookmarklets differently.. the gistcheck bookmarklet stopped working. Here's an updated gistcheck that eliminates the spaces from the scriptname and has an updated bookmarklet in the comments. You'...

Started by JonB (in General)

Delegate example

I wanted to make a minimalist example of a working delegate to help me understand them. Please look at my example below and show me how to make this example work. import ui tv = ui.TextView() tv.present() class MyTextViewDelegate (object): def tex...

Started by donnieh (in General) — 4 replies, latest 3 days ago

Hangman - Simple Math for kids

Hi, All! Here's a simple Hangman game i've made for my 6 years old son. The questions are Addition of 1 or 2 digit numbers. The app shows the current score, and in case of a wrong answer - throws a childish ...

Started by ranlevi (in Share Code) — 2 replies, latest 4 days ago

How to open any other app on ios and test it using Pythonista

How to open any other app on ios and test it using Pythonista

Started by jnaneswarv (in General) — 1 reply 5 days ago

Pythonista for Python 3.x.

Are there any plans to release a Python 3.x variant of Pythonista?

Started by D4t4Wr4ngl3r (in General) — 86 replies, latest 5 days ago

pyui to code conversion

Has anyone written code to convert a pyui file to python code?

Started by wradcliffe (in General) — 8 replies, latest 19 Mar

hacking the pyui file

@omz Is there any way to add "non-standard" keyword:value pairs to the pyui elements such that they can then be accessed in the script as instance variables? Seems I can add them without "breaking" the pyui file, but then they are not accessible.

Started by polymerchm (in General) — 2 replies, latest 19 Mar

pg8000 usable?

Has anyone successfully imported pg8000, which is written in Python, successfully? If so, would love to know how to do it. Thanks

Started by SillySoviet (in Questions) — 5 replies, latest 19 Mar

problem in Tabs

@JonB when trying to use the Find and replace feature of Tabs edit menu, I keep getting errors on the method: editor._set_toolbar(v) which to the best of my knowledge does not exist. editor._set_sidebar does. I'm using 1.6 I changed the line: edi...

Started by polymerchm (in Questions) — 1 reply 18 Mar

ImageView.load_from_url() freezes app?

I'm new to Pythonista's ui module and I wonder if anybody else has seen this problem: I have a small program with a simple .pyui view file. The program loads the view and tries to put an image into the imageView object in the view: view = ui.load_view()...

Started by lsloan (in General) — 7 replies, latest 15 Mar

Cut/Paste of pyui components

As I contemplate writing a iPhone variant of my chordcalc script, rather that redoing all the gui components I created in the pyui, has anyone played around with hand editing it? I want to convert sections into subviews of three "panels". @omz: it would ...

Started by polymerchm (in General) — 1 reply 15 Mar

chordcalc - a stringed instrument chord calculator

chordcalc is a gui-based version of Gek S. Low's chordcalc 0.3. Too many features to describe. See the readme on the github repository. Includes, a program to create 96 2-sec sound files that allow the script to play the sounds of the frett...

Started by polymerchm (in Share Code) — 40 replies, latest 15 Mar

pushing to github

So I'm back here again. Chordcalc is done, done done, and when I use stash, shellista or gitui to push it up to github using the command git push -u polymerchm:xxxxxxxxxx I get URLError(error(32, 'Broken ...

Started by polymerchm (in General) — 4 replies, latest 15 Mar

Why ".pyui"?

I was wondering, if the contents of a .pyui file is JSON, why create a special extension for it? Many editors don't know how to handle files with this extension, but if they had a ".json" extension, they are handled well. I don't think Pythonista's UI mo...

Started by lsloan (in Questions) — 2 replies, latest 13 Mar