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Sounds - library of existing or importing new

I have looked through documentation and websites but cannot find a comprehensive list of sounds available through the sound module or how to import custom sounds. I found the list of sounds available in omz Editorial, and it seems these are available in P...

Started by cjchallis (in General)

Names of selected rows instead of numbers

Is there any way to get names of selected rows in a table view instead of just 0, 1, 2, etc.?

Started by techteej (in Questions) — 2 replies, latest 2 hours ago


@techteej Here [were] simplified start function and new request handler to use with CaptureMedia:

Started by tony (in General) — 7 replies, latest 3 hours ago

example of a custom tableviewcell

Hey Folks, I'm trying to write a simple score keeper for a pool (billiards) game that my friends and I play. I have the basic mechanics down with the default tableviewcells, but I'd like to make the result a bit prettier by using a custom tableviewcell. I...

Started by tachijuan (in General) — 13 replies, latest 8 hours ago

Disable two finger swipe down

Is there any way to disable the two finger swipe down but leave touch events in a UI View?

Started by techteej (in Questions) — 1 reply 1 day ago

Wrong .pyui file is getting loaded in XCode

I'm getting this error when building in Xcode. Don't know if it has anything to do with that I have to use the code below (for iOS 8 issues). import scene import os def find_bundled_files(file_extension='.pyui', exclude_dirs=('pylib', 'pylib_ext', 'Do...

Started by techteej (in Questions) — 11 replies, latest 2 days ago

Switching to SceneView zooms in Scene?

I used the code below to change a scene into a Scene View (launched by a button in a UI Menu), and it seems that the game scene is zoomed in. It also cuts off the scene and does not fill the entire screen. w, h = ui.get_screen_size() root_view = ui.View(...

Started by techteej (in Questions) — 11 replies, latest 2 days ago

Ads in a Scene?

Is there a way (or a hack) to support advertisements in a scene class? I want to show a banner ad at the top or bottom of the screen, how would I go about doing this?

Started by Shambhala (in General) — 8 replies, latest 2 days ago


Here is my MultiBrowser class project. It has 3 panes, any bumpable to full screen, 1 with video, refresh on demand or every 4 min. The base MultiBrowser class: is designed for iPad and landscape only has the first web view dedicated to video, and so no...

Started by tony (in Share Code) — 1 reply 3 days ago

Inserting text in a text field from a .txt file

Currently having trouble putting text in a ui.texfield from a .txt file. Any help? def get_username(): global player_name p_name = root_view['namefield'].text file_name = 'name.txt' if p_name == '': player_name = 'Player 1' el...

Started by techteej (in Questions) — 23 replies, latest 3 days ago

[Bug report] Deleting script

I was recently using pythonista, and I happened to be editing at the moment, but I got a SMS. I went into messages, replied, and once I came back my file was empty. Just empty. I had another copy on my computer, so it is fine, but this has to go.

Started by boozle (in General) — 1 reply 3 days ago

OO style matplotlib?

First, WOW! I love Pythonista already! Thank you to creators and contributors! I am using matplotlib and prefer to use the OO style of coding as described here. In other Python environments, I have no difficulty doing this, but in Pythonista the script ...

Started by bennettbrowniowa (in Questions) — 1 reply 3 days ago

Pretty please CoreMidi for 1.6

Developing musical applications in pythonista. Want to play more notes that just the 2 piano octaves without having to have a "note" waveform library.

Started by polymerchm (in General) — 4 replies, latest 3 days ago


'Classes' a family of classes (tap the class names), to: (1) support project development and delivery: a CommentView etc. ui wrapper class for the standard comment/replace/indent/rename code, with action preview a ReplaceView ui wrapper as above a Web...

Started by tony (in Share Code) — 2 replies, latest 5 days ago

Huge standalone

I downloaded the PythonistaProjectTemplate to compile my scripts into fully working standalone apps. But the resulting app is huge!! Almost 90Mb. I opened the package and I noticed that there is a lot included that is NEVER used in my app. For example, the...

Started by ruimac (in General) — 6 replies, latest 5 days ago

Fun: Watch ASCII Starwars!

Thought I'd have a little fun and display the telnet ascii Starwars in pythonista! Enjoy! #!/usr/bin/env python ''' STARWARS! ''' import telnetlib import ui HOST = "" playing = False def button_pressed(sender): global playing...

Started by briarfox (in General) — 1 reply 5 days ago

Run a module or script from command line. python -m module_name

I had struggled with using modules that were meant to be invoked using the command line such as unittest and pylint. I recently discovered that you could call python SimpleHTTPServer to share files with others on the network. However, I could not figure ou...

Started by briarfox (in General) — 3 replies, latest 5 days ago

Can't show an alert?

I'm trying to show an alert with console.alert But I keep getting an error saying: AssertionError: Cannot show alert from main UI thread So, can't I show an alert anywhere I need to? How can I show alerts?

Started by ruimac (in General) — 13 replies, latest 6 days ago

Using ImageDraw and UI

I have asked this on an older thread but will put it here for more clairty. I want to be able to place text into a custom view during its execution of mycustomview.draw(). The text will be in white superimposed over a filled black circle. I need to plac...

Started by polymerchm (in General) — 1 reply 6 days ago


I want to make a code which shows a text on the screen and highlights any word when you touch it. so i need a function which returns size of any word which is drawn on the screen. so far the most relevant thing i found was scene.render_text. but it gives y...

Started by NoneNone (in Questions) — 4 replies, latest 6 days ago